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  • cutlery set sophie la girafe meal time

    Cutlery Set Sophie La Girafe – Meal Time

    Product Brand: Sophie La girafe

    The set of 3 cutlery designed for a baby’s first meals in autonomy sounds like a practical and helpful tool for both babies and parents. The inclusion of a fork, a knife with a round tip, and a spoon covers the basic utensils needed for mealtime. The design of the cutlery, particularly the silicone used…

  • Bamboo Sippy Cup

    Product Brand: Eco Rascals

    Is it time for a cup already? The cuddly newborn stage just isn’t long enough. Our eco rascals sippy cup is a great way to transition from a bottle to a cup for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Learning to drink out of a cup is a skill that everyone needs to master. Our sippy feeder…

  • Classic Square Plate with Two Sections

    Product Brand: Eco Rascals

    The classic square baby plate comes with the eco rascals’ signature super suction base which means the littlest of hands can’t tip it off the highchair or table. The base grips tightly to all smooth, clean surfaces and requires the adult to lift the tab at the back to release the plate. The perfect bamboo…

  • Bib – Dribble & Crumb Catcher

    Product Brand: Eco Rascals

    The Eco Rascals Silicone Bib is foldable, lightweight and made from durable silicone, perfect for helping to minimise the mess made at mealtimes and reduce the washing. Easy to fold + wipe down when you’re on the go, the silicone bib is super comfortable to wear and features an adjustable strap that allows the bib…

  • tiny tapas silicone feeding placemat

    Product Brand: Koodi

    Taste, explore and learn Weaning should be an adventure, trying new things and enjoying sharing new experiences. We set out to cut the mess and reduce the stress when we designed the tiny tapas, so that you and your little gastronome can focus on finger foods and fun. Whether you’re offering first tastes or serving…

  • Baby Food Containers ClevaPortions

    Product Brand: Clevamama

    ClevaPortions™ are perfect for when you want to start weaning your baby. Prepare healthy and nutritious homemade meals for your baby in perfect portion size and simply store it in your fridge or freezer using Clevaportions. The storage tray makes the pots stable and secure. The meal will be suitable to use in the microwave directly…

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