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Sleep-deprived parents and exhausted babies will both love the Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep. This innovative science of sleep soft toy is perfect for those long nights when your little one has trouble falling asleep, and provides a level of comfort and reassurance experienced pre-birth in the womb.

The incredible MoonMode smartCRY sensor is an absolute game-changer! This state-of-the-art technology actively listens for your baby’s cry and automatically activates when they stir. This means that the Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep can effortlessly spring into action throughout the night whenever your tot needs assistance to resettle back to sleep. The smartCRY Sensor is designed to listen carefully to your baby over a span of 4 hours.

If any movement is detected the soft toy will trigger the sound you’ve chosen. Once your baby has settled, the sensor will resume its listen-in mode for another cycle of 4 hours. However, if no stirring from your baby is noticed within these 4 hours, the smart CRY Sensor will automatically switch off.

The Dream Sheep produces gentle sound sequences and a comforting pink soft glow light that reminds babies and toddlers of the safe and secure feeling inside the womb. This clever design helps smooth the transition from womb to world, providing continuity and familiarity that eases their anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep.

In terms of music, there are four comforting recording options to choose from to ensure magic at sleep times: vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and the womb. Each of these has been specifically chosen for its calming effects on babies and toddlers. The recorded sounds have a low bass frequency similar to what your baby hears before being born, which makes them feel more familiar and comfortable. The sounds are mixed with the recording of a calm heartbeat, which is a familiar sound for babies who listened to their mother’s heartbeat during pregnancy. By combining these elements the sleep soother can calm restless or stressed tots and mask loud noises – there is a volume control button with a quiet or loud setting. As well as being useful at home, this soft cuddly toy is also a great travel companion.

The Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep easily attaches to cot bars, pushchairs, or car seats using his Velcro tail strap. This is perfect for family holidays or overnight stays when your child needs the comforting presence of a familiar soft toy, making it an excellent travel companion.

Ewan Deluxe stands out as the most adorable sheep around with its captivating appearance that is guaranteed to charm the hearts of little ones, and makes a perfect gift choice for both babies and toddlers.

Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep Key Features:

  • A soft comforting toy enhanced with soothing glowing LED light and auditory elements, made to gently guide your baby into sleep.
  • You can play five different soothing soft sounds: shush, calming vacuum cleaner, relaxing rainfall, gentle harp melody, and reassuring recording of pre-birth womb sounds. All white and pink noise audio sequences also feature a resting heartbeat sound playing subtly in the background, offering added peace and a calming sleep environment.
  • A smart MoonMode smartCRY detector which instantly activates when your baby moves or wakes up.
  • The soft pink glow light imitates the environment of the womb, which has a very soothing effect and also serves as a night light.
  • Light & sound displays fitted with 20-minute timers including automatic shut off functionality along with volume control settings, with single button activation.
  • Can be attached to cot bars or pushchairs with its practically designed Velcro tail strap, also making it an ideal travel companion.
  • Comes with a removable control pod, allowing for easy machine washing and ensuring proper hygiene maintenance.
  • The cuddly sleep aid is a perfect baby or toddler gift.
  • Powered by three AA batteries (LR06 1.2V–1.5V max). High-quality rechargeable batteries are recommended over disposables for environmental friendliness.

Product review:

Ewan The Sheep is expertly designed for babies and toddlers who find it difficult to settle at night. This adorable soft toy recreates the cosiness of the womb through a gentle pink glow illumination and calming sound features. These sounds include a real-life recording of a heartbeat and womb sounds, offering newborns and toddlers a tranquil sleep experience. This incredibly adorable and irresistibly huggable cuddly toy is designed to replicate the soothing comfort of the womb.

Ewan’s soft red glow promotes the release of melatonin, known for its sleep-inducing properties. Additionally, it offers a selection of gentle ‘pink and white noise’ sounds that can help soothe newborns and toddlers into a tranquil slumber. Among these comforting sounds is an authentic actual recording of a heartbeat, with a familiar and reassuring rhythm similar to what they experienced in their mother’s womb. With its combination of gentle illumination and soothing sounds, this cuddly companion is the perfect sleep-aid to help little ones drift off into blissful dreams.

The Dream Sheep comes equipped with a smart MoonMode smartCRY detector, engineered to turn on automatically when your little one moves during the night. This soothing sensation helps resettle babies and toddlers, allowing the Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep to effortlessly work his magic and ensure that the entire family can enjoy a good night’s sleep. The intelligent CRY sensor stays on for 4 hours. If your baby doesn’t move, it will turn off automatically to save battery power. The sheep comforter has a removable control pod so that it can be washed, ensuring he remains clean and health-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the MoonMode smartCRY sensor work?
A: The intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor actively listens for your baby’s cry and automatically activates when they stir. It operates for 4 hours at a time; if no movement from your baby is detected within this period, the sensor has an automatic shut off.

Q2: What sounds does the Ewan Delux Dream Sheep play?
A: Ewan The Sheep can play five different soothing sounds: vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody, shush, and womb environment sound. All of them are played along with the calm rhythm of a heartbeat.

Q: How long do the light and sound displays last?
A: Both the light and sound displays are fitted with 20-minute timers and have an auto-shut-off feature.

Q: Can I adjust the volume?
A: Yes, you have control over the volume settings to suit your baby’s needs.

Q: Is the soft toy machine-washable?
A: Yes. Ewan Deluxe comes with a removable control pod, allowing for easy machine washing at a maximum of 30°C on a delicate cycle. After washing it’s recommended to air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Q: Can I attach the comfort sheep to my baby’s cot or pushchair?
A: Absolutely! With his Velcro tail, he can be easily attached to cot bars, pushchairs or even car seats.

Q: Is Ewan suitable for newborns?
A: Absolutely! This product is designed keeping safety and comfort of both newborns and toddlers in mind.

Q: Does the pink glow light stay on all night?
A: No, the pink glow light display comes with a timer that automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

Q: Can the smartCRY sensor be switched off if not needed?
A: Yes, you have complete control over the smart CRY sensor and can switch it off when not required.

Q: Who would benefit most from the Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep?
A: Sleep-deprived parents who want their baby to sleep for longer periods of time. It is also great for calming and maintaining a consistent noise level in noisy environments.

Q: How is Ewan powered?
A: The sleep soother is powered by three AA batteries (LR06 1.2V–1.5V max). For environmental friendliness, high-quality rechargeable batteries are recommended over disposables.

Q: How often should I expect to change the batteries?
A: The battery life can vary depending on how frequently it is used and the type of batteries installed. However, with average use you may expect to replace the batteries every 2-4 weeks.

Q: Is there a warranty for Ewan The Sheep Deluxe?
A: Yes, he comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your product packaging for specific details.

What’s in the box?
1 x plush Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep
1 x removable control pod
1 x instruction manual
3 x AA batteries

Washing Instructions: For best results when washing, be sure to remove the pod first. Machine wash at a maximum of 30°C, preferably using a delicate washing machine cycle. Although tumble drying is allowed, it is recommended to air dry instead. If tumble drying, use only a low heat setting.

Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 17.2 × 19.4 cm

Grey, Beige



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